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The Great Big Pile Up

Dirty Secret Jacket

This jacket is perfectly good except it has a broken zipper.

Dirty Secret Waste

It’s discarded in a warehouse along with millions of unsold garments with minor defects.

Dirty Secret Innovation

In a world of advanced technology, the most common solution for this pile of clothes is landfill.

12.7 million tons of textiles end up in the landfill every year.

It’s crazy that a broken zipper sends clothes to a landfill. At our factory, we’re making sure that never happens again.

The Renewal Movement
Starts Now

We partner with the world’s best-loved apparel brands to transform their unsellable and returned inventory into Renewed Apparel.

Process 01

Clean as New

  • CO2 technology.
  • Waterless and heatless
  • Made in America.
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State-Of-The-Art Repair

  • Each garment is individually inspected.
  • Custom repaired by experts.
  • Certified to the original brand quality.
Process 03

Environmentally Awesome

  • Zero landfill guarantee.
  • Bluesign® approved trims, labels, and zippers.
  • Recycled as a last resort.

Renewed in America

Our factory in Cascade Locks, Oregon is redefining waste in the apparel industry. This leading-edge facility produces renewed apparel and creates jobs right here in America. A jacket with a broken zipper isn’t waste. We fix it and get it back out to where it was meant to be - keeping you warm as you explore the world.